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𝘼𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙤𝙣𝙚 🏆🏆 Our #BeAGameChanger mental health campaign has won the Public Health & Wellbeing Award at the…

Oct 21

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Top Tips For Good Mental Health

Don’t neglect your brain. Get match fit by following our wellbeing tips.

Here are five steps that we believe can help us all to live a healthier life.

1. Connect

Meet up with a mate! Spending time with the people around us – family, friends, colleagues and neighbours – makes us feel good. So why not do more of it?

Top tips for improving social connections:

  • Calling all season ticket holders! You’re sitting in the same seat for every match, but what do you know about the people sitting next to you? Start a conversation, connect!
  • Does your mate keep missing the match? Sometimes it’s easier to text or message a friend rather than talk face to face. Check in by text, ask how they are.
  • Worried about a mate but they tell you they’re fine? Ask twice and let them know you’re there to listen.
  • Feeling alone? Check out Mind’s tips for how to cope with loneliness.

2. Be Active

Exercise is great for mental health as well as physical health. It releases feel-good chemicals to the brain and it’s also a chance to connect with people (see step 1).

Top tips for getting active:

3. Take Notice

Did you know watching football matches and being totally absorbed in the game is a good example of mindfulness? You probably didn’t think twice about that problem or worry that’s been following you around when you watched Newcastle beat Man City. You’ve already started to try and get past your worries and you didn’t even know it!

But how else can you practice mindfulness?

Life can be busy, with our minds constantly on the go. Taking a moment to pay attention to how your body feels and what you see, smell and taste can calm your mind. It can seem daunting but remember, you’ve already started so it’s worth taking that next step.

Top tips for taking notice:

  • You probably practice more mindfulness than you think. Watching the match, laughing at a comedy show, going for a walk and taking in the sights, listening to music. To take notice you just need to take time out, do something you enjoy and focus on the now.
  • You can also try mindful exercises. For example, focus on your breathing – breathe in through the nose for a count of five and exhale out through the mouth for a count of five. Try and focus on how your body feels and what you notice about your surroundings.
  • There are also some great online courses available from the NHS and we also love their great set of relaxation techniques.

4. Keep Learning

Have you ever thought about learning something new? Whether it’s a sport, a skill, or an encyclopaedic knowledge of NUFC’s players’ history, the potential for expanding your learning is endless.

Top tips to keep learning:

  • Book a stadium tour – learn more about the Toon!
  • A trip to the library introduces you to a vast store of knowledge. Not only that, it gets you out and about and meeting new people.
  • You can also find adult and community learning classes at Newcastle City Learning, The Recovery College Collective and WEA.
  • Self-help learning resources are also available through the NHS website.

5. Give

Volunteering can make us feel good! It’s about giving your time and using your skills, without pay, to help others.

Learn new skills, build confidence and meet new people – volunteering gives you a chance to be part of something great!

Other ways of giving back include simply being there to support a friend or family member.

Top tips for giving back:

  • There are loads of volunteering opportunities listed here but you could also approach a charity or community group you know.
  • You can also volunteer on the wide range of programmes that the Newcastle United Foundation offers within the community. For more info contact

We’re looking for your top tips to share on this page to inspire others. Why not share your tips with our community on social media by using our hashtag #BeAGameChanger