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Oct 22

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Powerchair Footballer Jess Moat Visits Football For All

Jessica Moat plays Powerchair football for Northern Thunder PFC and she recently joined the Project Officers from Newcastle United Foundation at a Football For All session at Atkinson Road Primary School.

The Football For All project aims to increase the awareness of disabilities, how they can be a barrier to participation and how people can overcome these barriers.

The project is delivered to children in Key Stage 1 and 2 in a one off, two hour session, separated into an hour in the classroom and an hour of physical activity.

During the classroom session the children complete various tasks where they learn the definition of a disability; what may cause a disability; what it can be like to live with a disability; and how sport or football can benefit people with disabilities.

In the practical session the children are given the opportunity to take part in Blind Football, where they wear a blindfold and sample passing and receiving.

During her visit Jessica spent time describing her sport to the children. She explained the rules and regulations of the game and how they are different from able football.

She described playing all over Europe in the Powerchair version of the Champions League. The children were amazed when they heard that to participate in Powerchair Football Jessica requires the use of a chair that can cost up to £6000, which in comparison to a pair of football boots is very different!

As part of the classroom session the children read a case study of a boy who worked with the Foundation and took part in one of the disability projects. The case study describes how, through the participation of football, the boy conquers his lack of confidence, independence and friends. Jessica added to this during her talk, mentioning how taking part in Powerchair Football helped her to gain more friends and feel part of a team.

Mark Bertram, Project Coordinator at Newcastle United Foundation, said: “This was an invaluable opportunity for the children to learn about the importance of sport for everyone. It was a pleasure to have Jessica join us at Atkinson Road, we were so pleased that she could come along and give the children an insight to her sport.”

Football for All is funded by the Office of the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner.  

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