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Children and Young People’s Privacy Notice

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School Activities Privacy Notice

Newcastle United Foundation is the data controller of young participants’ personal data, when a school is taking part in an activity with us, such as a course, programme, event or trip, which means we are responsible for how we use that data.

We have a team of people who make sure your details are safe, and you can email them with any questions at

What details do we collect?

We will collect information about you, our young participants, from your parents or guardians and the teachers at your school. Participants cannot take part in our activities if we do not have the information we need, as we will not be able to run the activity safely.

We collect the following personal details about you:

  • your name;
  • the school you go to;
  • your birthday, or the school year you are in;
  • your post code, gender and family background;
  • records that tell us when you were at Foundation events or activities;
  • videos and photos of you; and
  • information we need to know to look after you when you are spending time with us, such as your learning needs or important medical information.

Information about your background, such as which part of the world you or your family members are originally from; and any information about your health and fitness, such as any injuries you may have had or times you may not have been very well, is what is called Special Category. We only use this if you have told your school you are happy for us to use it.

We may also ask your school to ask you if you are happy for us to take and use images of you and your classmates while you are taking part in one of our activities, such as meeting a Premier League player or getting an award.

How do We Use Your Information?

We use your information, to:

  • run the courses and programmes that your school has asked us to provide to you;
  • look after you while you are with us. We have a duty of care to you when you are taking part in Newcastle United Foundation activities, and there are lots of health and safety laws we have to follow;
  • report to Newcastle United Football Club and the Premier League, [ ], and, because we are a charity, our funders. We need to tell them about the type of activities and programs we run and what are our connections with local communities and the local population are. We don’t ever share your names when we send these reports, but this is why we need to ask for information such as your post code and family background; and
  • promote what Newcastle United Foundation does to other schools, children and other people who might be interested. We’d like as many people as possible to enjoy getting into football, so want to let them know about us!

Who Else Might Use Your Details?

Sometimes if we are running a course or activity with another organisation, such as the Princes Trust charity, they will ask us to use their standard documents which we will provide to you.

Sometimes if the course you are taking with us is accredited, which means you are getting a certificate or award for completing it, then we will need to share some of the information we have about you with the accrediting body.

We will send your details to other organisations (known as ‘Processors’) to help us run the programme and our organisation, such as digital and computer service providers and the guys that help to run and maintain our security cameras.

We might in some cases also need to share information we have with the police or other security services to help them with one of their investigations.

Are Your Details Safe?

We have put in place lots of security measures to make sure your details don’t go missing or get used in a way they shouldn’t be. We have a great team of people working with us who are trained to know how to use your details securely and will only use your details when and how we tell them to.

[Sometimes some of your personal details may be transferred to and stored in countries outside of the UK and the European Union, which are not subject to the same laws that make sure your details are safe.  Where this happens, we will do everything we can to make sure that your details are only used in the way we say they will be used and are kept safe and secure.]

How Long Do We Keep your Personal Details For?

We collect personal details from you for different reasons and so we might keep it for different lengths of time. For example, we might have to keep it for a long time for legal safeguarding reasons, but most of the time, we will keep your details for [7] years after your visit or the activity has ended.

What Are Your Rights?

You know you can ask us to do lots of things with your details. You can ask us to:

  • tell you how your details are being used, and provide you with a copy of all details we hold on you;
  • correct some of the details we hold if they are not correct or out of date (like your contact details, for example);
  • delete all of the details we hold on you (unless we have a good reason not to!);
  • stop using your details in a certain way; and
  • send your details to you or to another organisation (like another charity or school you are participating with, for example).

If you have told us we can use some of your information but you would like us to stop using it, you can tell us to stop at any time.

If you are worried in any way about how we use your information, you can talk to us, or you can talk to the Information Commissioner’s Office, who look after data protection for the whole of the UK. Their telephone number is 0303 123 1113, or you can contact them at